How to deal with Bet365 livechat..



Annette M Hello, welcome to bet365 Live Chat. How may I help you?

geoff HELLO

geoff trouble logging in using details

Annette M Hello Geoff.

geoff hi

Annette M The four-digit security number you have provided at the start of this Live Chat is incorrect. Can you please re-confirm your four-digit security number?

geoff (security number given)

Annette M This is incorrect, is there anything else it may be?

geoff honestly don’t know

geoff (another guess at security number)

geoff ?

Annette M I will just need you to confirm some further security questions in order to proceed.

– Username
– Your full name
– Date of birth
– The first line of your address and your postcode
– Your email address/telephone number
– The last four digits of your payment type registered on your account (e.g. credit card, Neteller account number, etc.)
– Can you tell me approximately when the last deposit or withdrawal was made on your account and how much was this for?


geoff 7 pieces of information??

Annette M Its 6 pieces of the information we would require, just so we can identify that we are speaking with the account holder.

geoff before i go through this exhaustive rigmarole

geoff can you tell me why my username and password no longer work on the account?

Annette M In order to review your account I would require the information asked for, I apologise for any inconvenience.

geoff not really answering the question Annette


(extremely long pause..)

(ok so she doesn’t have a canned message to deal with a real question..


geoff (username given)

geoff (date of birth given)

Annette M Without confirming security I am unable to look in to your account.

geoff yes I know its extremely sensitive data to look at a lot of £1 bets

geoff so i shall continue

geoff the account is quite old so its possible ive moved

geoff (address given)

geoff (e mail address given)

geoff (card details given)

Annette M Could there be any alternative address registered?

geoff phone (phone number given)

Annette M Also, any other email address registered?

geoff (older address given)

geoff i bet you get a torrent of abuse for this..

geoff (alternative e mail given)

Annette M This address is incorrect.

geoff this is a great guessing game

Annette M I do apologise, however We treat the security of our customer’s accounts very seriously. We will only discuss account details once we are sure we are talking to the true account holder.

geoff is there another way we can do this

geoff like a passport upload

geoff because i have 5 different e mail addresses

geoff and moved three times in the last ten years

geoff and probably had the account that long

Annette M If you could provide any information it could be I would be greatful.

geoff Can you just answer my last question – i’d be really grateful

geoff is a passport upload acceptable

Annette M Unfortunately this would not be acceptable, I would require the 6 pieces of information.

geoff ok we will plough on your way

geoff what else do you need

Annette M The correct last four digits of your payment method please?

geoff (card details given)


…long pause..

…unbelievably long pause – worried if Annette may have passed away..



geoff please take your time- i have all afternoon to do this

Annette M This is an incorrect last four digits.

geoff (another card given)

Annette M Do you recall the last deposit made and how much it was for.

geoff no

Annette M I would advise that you gather this information and then contact back. I would be unable to assist you further without completing security.

geoff i see

geoff well thank you very much for your time today

Annette M Thank you for contacting bet365 Live Chat today.

Annette M has now left this chat.

This chat has now ended.



Once you’re done with the implaccable Annette M – you can try their ‘lost login’ portal – which because you’ve forgotten your details directs you back to Annette M..




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